Sunday Afternoon Home Groups

Sunday afternoon Home groups - Progression of the Christ-follower 12:00pm-2:00pm 
(2nd and 4th Sun. of each month - Two 7 week sessions: Oct-May) in homes

Each gathering is personal in size and features…prayer, a meal, and a learning about transferable faith.

The 4 P’s
Prayer: This time of prayer focusses not on the requests, but on the God we engage with. For this time individuals pray out loud and all pray with them. Men and Women are separated for this time to foster trust and honesty.
People: It is about more than food, it is about sharing in a meal together and getting to know what is within each person.
Progression: Learning and remembering how to practically live for Jesus each day and how to pass it on.
Passing: We plan peer to peer outreaches to share the message we do not want to keep to ourselves.

Make a commitment to a group for just 7 meetings.

Directions to houses:

Kevin & Vickie Huff
25421 150th Ave E. Graham 98338. 253-312-9625
Meridian South to 264th and take a left. Go to 150th and take a left. On the right with address on gray
mailbox and a gate to get in.

Brian & Ann Johnson
8811 217th St Ct E Graham 98338. 253-376-0377
From the church take a right on 224th. Take a right on 90th after the graham library. Follow around to
217th Ct E, take a right. We are the second house on the left, blue house, three car garage.