Fellowship Care Groups

What is a Fellowship Care Group?

A Fellowship Care Group is to provide care, fellowship and instruction on a more personal basis. They meet once a week on a night decided by the group.

What is the purpose of Fellowship Care Groups?

Fellowship: Getting to know a few people very well and enjoying their fellowship.

Care: Sharing your needs and concerns so you can pray and help one another.

Bible: Learning biblical principals and how to apply them in life.

What is the structure of a Fellowship Care Group?

There are 8 to 12 people in a group. Smallness is essential to effective openness and care.

It is up to the groups to determine the day of the week and the best time to meet. It should be between Monday evening and Saturday evening.


Guide: he leads the Bible study and prayer time
Assistant guide: He can assist the guide and is in training to become a guide in the future.
Host: provides the home for meetings, greats the people and organizes refreshments.

How can I join a Fellowship Care Group?

You can sign up to join a Fellowship Care group at the church or contact us for more information. 

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